My first thoughts for the new year.....9 days late

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Am I ever gonna catch up?

Chances are. Yes. I'm gonna catch up. Anytime soon? Doubtful. But I've never really been in a hurry. Take for instance this post that you may be looking at. I started this post around 9 this morning and it is now 11:15 am. During that time I ate breakfast and took a nap. All the while never giving a thought to this. Or anything else. Now I'm gonna wrap this up so I can go work on some music, play with some photos and see if I can shoot some video to use for learning some video editing. But I better hurry. Almost lunch time and I feel another nap coming on.
Oh.....onOnesoftware is getting ready to release version six. Click on their link on my page to preorder.
Have a great day!

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