My first thoughts for the new year.....9 days late

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Timelapse is my new tasty treat!!!

Always enjoyed watching timelapse video. May be the limited focus I have at times. Gives me time to watch a whole video in half the time. lol Been checking out various sites on the topic. What I found out is I can do it my self with my Canon 5D MarkII. Just using a remote. You can get remotes for as little as 40 bucks. Cheaper if you dig around. But I'll not have any of that. My remote is gonna carry my favorite word. "Canon". Last week I got the remote from Adorama. Very good people with impeccable service I might add. It's the Canon TC-80N3 which a fantastic piece of equipment. Lightweight and very portable. The only downside I can find with this is the way the chord is attached to the remote it's self. Looks like, if you're in a hurry and not paying attention, you could accidentally pull it out. But, with some slight care, you're gonna have fun with it. I'm enjoying just the thoughts of what I'm gonna be able to do with it. Waiting for my next weekend off so I can go waste some time downtown!!!!

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